LIQUIDCAPSULE Manufacturing uses the capsule banding process where a thin layer of gelatin, or HPMC is placed over the edge of the capsule cap, by a specialized automated cGMP capsule banding machine to securely seal the body and cap of a two-piece hard shell capsule. The banding process is used to seal liquid filled two-piece hard shell capsules and provides visual tamper evident sealing of powder, granule and bead filled capsules.

capsule banding effective

effective capsule banding

Capsule banding has been used for over fifty years to seal two-piece hard shell capsules. The banding process is approved by the FDA for tamper evident sealing of two-piece hard shell capsules for OTC (over-the-counter)  and prescription Rx pharmaceutical products. Some examples of OTC products that use banding are Benadryl®, Metamucil® Capsules and Zegarid®. Some Rx pharmaceutical products that use two-piece hard shell capsules to deliver prescription products in semi-solids and liquids also use the banding process to seal the capsules. Banding is also used to seal some of the most unique and best selling nutritional products in the nutraceutical industry as well.

LIQUIDCAPSULE is one of the largest contract manufacturers of liquid filled two piece hard shell capsules and capsule banding in North America.

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