LIQUIDCAPSULE Manufacturing LLC provides contract manufacturing services for filling liquids into two-piece hard shell gelatin or HPMC capsules. LIQUIDCAPSULE also provides contract tamper evident capsule banding services for two-piece hard shell capsules filled with liquids, semi-solids, solids, powders and beads.

To review the LIQUIDCAPSULE Manufacturing company brochure click PDF file below.

LIQUIDCAPSULE brochure – PDF file

LIQUIDCAPSULE also offers additional contract manufacturing services for different dosage forms such as the following:

1. Two-piece hard shell encapsulation of powders
2. Two-piece hard shell encapsulation of beads
3. Band sealing of powder filled two-piece hard shell capsules.
4. Band sealing of bead filled two-piece hard shell capsules.

We have the capability to assist your company with product formulations, sourcing raw materials, mixing, encapsulating, band sealing, bottling, blister packaging, label design, label printing and bottle labeling.

The benefit of band sealing two-piece hard shell capsules is that it provides a visually appealing tamper evident seal. There are many different band colors to choose from for your product’s branding and marketing purposes.
We look forward to working with you in the future to provide your company with the manufacturing services that can lead to greater product recognition and appeal. Please contact us to discuss any questions that you may have.

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