Powder capsule filling

a preferred delivery system of consumers

LIQUIDCAPSULE Manufacturing LLC’s easy way to deliver actives
Powder filled capsules, using two piece hard shell capsules, are an easy way to deliver actives to consumers in an easy-to-swallow dosage form, using less excipients than are typically used in many tablet formulations. The two piece hard shell capsule also hides the smell of many materials and avoids the tastes of other dosage forms such as drinks and powders. Two piece hard shell capsules are a preferred delivery system of consumers.

We can use HPMC veggie capsules and gelatin capsules from bovine and fish sources. We can also band seal the capsules to make them have a tamper evident seal covering the space where the cap overlaps the body of the capsule.

We can manufacture over 1,000,000 capsules per day and then have the capsules bottled or placed in samples packaging for your requirements.

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