The advantages of Liquid-Filled capsules are Clear

LIQUIDCAPSULE Manufacturing LLC Services
Contract manufacturer of liquid filled two-piece hard shell capsules, filled with liquids, semi-solids and hot melts.

banded capsules

superior banding

Short Production Runs
We can produce smaller productions runs than traditional soft gel capsules, and our fast development time will speed your entry to market.

Secure Seal
Secure band seals assure a non-permeable barrier.  The security of the seal provides many benefits: it makes the capsule virtually tamper proof; assures integrity of the ingredients; and reduces oxidation which extends shelf-life.

Color Coding
Capsule bands can be colored for branding properties and to identify sealed capsules.

Attractive Clear Capsule
The transparent capsule increases the product’s visibility, appearance, and appeal.

We can provide both analytical and formulation assistance, including development solutions, capsule compatibility testing and stability studies.

Other Dosage Forms
LiquidCapsule also has the ability manufacture beads, tablets, micro tablets, powder filled banded capsules and bulk powders.

Unlike soft-gels, powder filled capsules, liquids and tablets, liquid filled hard-shell capsules offer many advantages to your brand.
These benefits include:

  • a higher perceived value
  • increased profit potential
  • greater visual appeal
  • unique appearance
  • tamper proof sealing with band seals
  • less odor or irritation
  • HPMC (veggie capsules) or gelatin capsules
  • increased absorption and less or no excipients

Many of the best selling nutritional supplements are currently using this unique, visually appealing liquid dosage form. The unique liquid two-piece hard shell capsule delivery system sets leading products apart from other competitive products in the marketplace.

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